Monday, 18 March 2013

A Wee Library is Born

Every day before nap and every night before bed, the little dude and I read a story. Ok, that privilege is sometimes revoked for naughty behaviour, but lets not talk about my parenting skills. For quite a while, all of the borrowed library books ended up in a plastic bin (IKEA's GLES box) beside the dude's bed. It's functional and easy, but I didn't like how it took up valuable floor space and stuck out like a sore thumb. It's red, after all. Like, the fire engine variety.

So when I saw a Pinterest pin that led to a tutorial for building slim shelves for behind a bedroom door, I knew it was the perfect solution. Sort of, anyway. You can check out the original tutorial over at The Quaint Cottage, but I decided on a few changes.

First, I was looking for a more minimalist aesthetic, so I decided against building the bulky side supports. Second, the bar used for leaning books against in the original version would have nothing to attach to without the side supports, so I ditched that too. At the little dude's stage of coordination, I thought that omitting this bar would also make it easier for him to remove and replace (yeah, ok) his books.

So, by following the above posted tutorial, I just skipped a few steps and came up with a way to securely attach each ledge to the wall. For stability, I used a spade bit to countersink two screws into the ledge's base and secured them to the wall with simple plastic drywall anchors.

I intend to pop some wooden caps (*snicker*) into the countersunk holes and give the whole thing another coat of paint. In hindsight, I would have made the shelves a tiny bit longer, but overall, I'd say the new library is a success!

Let's read!