Saturday, 3 December 2011

Craftin' and Gangsta Rappin'

My good friend, Kristen, and I decided to hold an impromtu craft night last night. We ended up collectively making some adorable gifts and decor item for the holiday season. We also drank wine. And listened (ie. belted out along with attitude) to some classic 90's hip-hop tunes. Oh, the memories. Anyway, it totally dawned on me that we are old. But, as it turns out, we're pretty creative, too.

Since most of what Kristen made are destined to be gifted, I won't show them here. But I will show you the little wreath that now adorns her beautiful and large mid-century kitchen cabinet. Kristen had crocheted a thin little scarf and gave up on it. So I turned it into a wreath and added ribbons and some sewn on buttons. Much thanks to her mother for her massive collection of random (and some very interesting vintage) buttons.

 Does this totally remind you of Grover's 'Near & Far' skit?  Me too.

So I used a plastic coffee can lid and cut a hole in the center for the wreath form. Then I wrapped the crocheted yarn all around the new form and added the embellishments with a needle a thread and a little hot glue. Kristen has this monster hot glue gun that looks and smells industrial - it's pretty magical, but a a little intimidating at the same time. Ha!

I wish I could show you the amazing gifts Kristen made, but we'll just have to wait.

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Anonymous said...

Intimidating for sure, that glue gun is downright dangerous! And speak for yourself, I'm not old. Although when I saw something that said "vintage 1990's" on ebay the other day I had second thoughts. Crafts again soon please.