Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tonite, We Catalogue

Hi there, hump-day.

I should have known to turn the T.V. on in time to catch 'Modern Family', but I was too busy. Busy meticulously recording items for an insurance claim. We had a bit of a water problem in the basement way back in July of this year and we're still dealing with the aftermath. I had no idea that cataloging damaged CDs would take up so much valuable time ...

I also wasn't aware that my husband owned such CDs as "The Best of Line Dancing" Vol. I right on through to Vol. III, Cher's "Believe", and the soundtrack to "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me". Huh. The things you learn when you actually pay attention. Then I got to thinking: What does your music collection really say about you? And what the heck will the insurance people think when they get to see the whole disturbing shebang in a nice & tidy list that may be indicative of a slight obsessive compulsive problem?

I'm not really worried about it; my collection is awesome.

But I'll leave you with a little something my husband might enjoy.

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