Friday, 20 January 2012

Everyday, I'm Shovelin'

Sorry, had to.

 Now that winter has actually arrived, I feel like I'm out standing in the driveway more than I've been driving on it. Winter used to be my absolute most hated season. HATED. But, ever since we moved to this house, I'm starting to like it more and more. In fact, we went for a brisk walk in the -14 degree weather this morning. By choice. For recreation! No worries - both dog and baby were incredibly bundled. I think people were staring.

When you're out of shape like I am and feel the need to get moving, it seems like winter can be a bit of a blessing, to be honest. No overheating and no exercise-induced migraines. My arms are (good) sore from shoveling mounds of snow and walking anywhere takes just that much more effort when you're pulling a sleigh full of baby - to be clear, my son is more man than baby.

Yay, winter! Get back to me in a month and see how I feel though because Febru-hairy is coming. By then, I'm so down about the unrelenting weather that I just give up and stop shaving my legs. You're welcome, husband. We'll just consider it payback for the hideousness of Movember.


Home Spun Journey said...

Ha aha this made me laugh out loud. Thank you! Lol super cute post

MamaJ said...

Ha, thanks! Glad you enjoyed :)