Thursday, 9 February 2012

Deal Steal: Drapery Rings

Oh, man. Nothing makes me more giddy than finding what I need, on sale ... without even looking. On a trip to Liquidation World today, I found tons of packages of umbra cufflet drapery clip rings in a multitude of finishes. I chose to buy two packages of the black rings to hang onto until I finally bring home fabric to make drapery panels for the dining room.

umbra Cufflet Drapery Clip Rings (in antique bronze)
 Normally, each package of 7 rings costs about $10 and I only paid $3 each. I know that doesn't sound like a crazy steal, but when you multiply by two, that's only $6 for enough drapery rings for an entire window as opposed to $20!

Maybe it's an omen - I guess it's time I got on that fabric purchase ...

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