Sunday, 1 April 2012


Kids say funny things sometimes. Other times, it's funny to us, but not really to them. In fact, you just might be the crazy one who doesn't "get" their sense of humour. Yes, I know they made a couple of shows about this. But, my favourite conversations with kids are the head-scratchers. You know, the "wtf" moments that make you wonder how your actions or genes may have contributed to the making of these weird little people.

Here's a small sample of my niece's true colours. We'll call her "Emily" and she was talking with her mom (my admittedly weird, but lovable and hilarious older sister) ...

Emily:  "I want to go on Canada's Got Talent."
My sister: "Oh ya?  What's your talent?"
Emily:  "Probably dancing. With nunchucks."

Of course.

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