Saturday, 5 May 2012

La Piece De Resistance

Still haven't found the "off" switch on the French mode.

Remember when I ordered this light fixture from Joss & Main? No? Well, it was probably a few months ago and I've been sort of wondering where the heck it's been. As it turns out, I didn't set up e-mail notifications for Pak n' Ship, where I receive my American mail. So the package has been sitting there for quite a while. Oops. I'm totally going to be that mom who forgets to pick her kid up from track practice.

The good news is that I got my hands on the package (*snicker*) today and am pleased to report that it is everything I hoped it would be. I haven't yet installed it, but it's not dinky or cheap-looking, so I'm happy! So far, so good. Then I had a "whomp, whomp" moment when I realized that the shade is a little beat up. In case you're curious with what the "whomp, whomp" moment sounds like in my head, it goes a little something like this:

While it's not a huge deal, I'm still stuck as to how I will straighten the drum shade out before I can hang it. Unfortunately, the crumpled portion is actually at the front of the shade, and not near the seam (where I could hide it by facing it to the back wall).



Once I get that little problem fixed, I'm going to take on the terrifying task of removing the old dining room fixture and installing this one. By that, I mean, I'm going to call my mom and see if she'll supervise because I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to electrical things. Playing with wires has always scared me and I don't want to set the house on fire.

Did I also mention that the 'Sarfraz Kilim' rug I ordered from Joss & Main was also waiting for me at Pak n' Ship? Yay! I ordered the rug on a whim since I've been looking for something brighter and bigger than the brown/black one we already had in the living room. Knowing that it was pure wool and not the padded variety with the sticky tread, it is pretty much what I was expecting.

And it's HUGE. I'm talking 9'7" x 6'7" huge. I still can't believe that a wool rug this size was only $50. I love Joss & Main for hosting events with a wide range of prices and styles! That's enough plugging for J & M for today ...

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