Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Eyebrows(e) The Internet. Then I Draw On Dogs.

A while back, I came upon a Pinterest pin that depicted the importance of eyebrows on the human face.

Whew. What a difference some facial fur can make, eh?

And then I found another pin of a dog with eyebrows drawn on and thought, "Well, hey, doesn't that make good sense. Dogs have emotions - maybe they would all look better with eyebrows, too!"

So, while watching my sister's dog for the weekend, I drew some eyebrows on him. Big deal. For the record, Pedro already had a weird fear of markers; it's almost like he knew what was coming. He'll certainly tremble at the sight of a Crayola box from now on.

Regardless, I think Pedro's annoyance is best expressed with eyebrows. Without them, he'd probably resort to pooping on my carpet to show his displeasure. Chihuahuas, I tell you. Chihuahuas.

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