Monday, 30 July 2012

Someday, We'll Look Back On This ...

... and it will all seem funny? If you're now singing 'Rosalita', you're welcome.

Here's the thing about being a mom: I usually act and look like an unbalanced derelict. That might sound a little harsh and probably isn't true ALL the time, but it sure feels like it. You have to grow some thick skin to deal with the fact that a toddler's hug will inevitably leave a smudge of something hideous and wet right on your crotch area while you're out in public.

After one of the more annoying mornings of the summer (long doctor's office wait with a whiny toddler and a moody 9-year-old), I came home to have a much needed shower. While washing my face, I couldn't figure out why yesterday's eye make-up wasn't coming off completely until I realized that those are dark circles under my eyes and they aren't going anywhere. "But I'm only 27!", I think to myself before globbing on a ton of concealer to satisfy my bruised self-esteem. You know, because I'm going to have to look good while cleaning the house and refereeing the epic battles between siblings.

I don't know where I'm going with this, so I'll just leave you with a picture of my dog, dressed as a sand dinosaur. Rawr!

I give my dog all credit for the shreds of sanity I have left.


Sara said...

Love Springsteen! going to see him in Toronto next naturally the title/1st line of this post key!

very impressed your dog sat pretty to be made into a sand dinosaur!

MamaJ said...

Hey Sara, thanks for stopping by!
Have fun at the show. They finally played 'Jungleland' the other night, so the train shows no sign of slowing down!

My dog is boss. Next to Bruce, obviously.