Saturday, 14 January 2012

Puppy, It's Cold Outside!

Well, I woke up this morning to a lovely -21 degrees Celcius happening outside my door. You know, the morning I decided I was going to start taking the hound out for early morning walks. There are probably a lot of Canadians and Upper Americans (yeah, that's a term now) who treat their chilly dogs to coats, neckwarmers, and boots. And my hound is no different.

Since we just adopted our Greyhound in April, this is really our first winter with her. Since I sort of grew up with a Golden Retriever, the idea that a responsible dog owner should put clothing on their dog is a foreign one to me. But, due to my dog's low body fat percentage and her bald spots, it's necessary to keep her warm in this type of weather.

So I went on the online hunt for a custom made coat that wouldn't break the bank. Why, custom? Well, I can't sew very well. And Greyhounds have a naturally contorted body shape that is hard to fit with "off-the-rack" coats. Then I met (well, online) Amy from Warm Wags. Not only are her coats and snoods CUTE, but she's also super friendly and easy to work with. (By the way, a snood is a neckwarmer). After a few consultations of back and forth messages, Amy sent me this beautiful outfit ...

I know, right? It's fab. Apparently, this new combo of hot pink snood and black & white houndstooth coat is becoming quite a popular design around Warm Wags. But Amy also makes adorable martingale collars, too.

Dog Blanket by Shedrow

Another great option for cost effective coats is at Greenhawk, which is typically a horse and livestock supply store. But their waterproof coats are well made and fit quite well. The best part is that they are so affordable - about $30!

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