Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Update: Dining Room Textiles

Remember when I wrote about textile choices for the dining room? If you're just tuning in, then check it out. Or not. Because it looks like things have changed since then anyway. While I finally decided on Waverly's Modern Essential 'Luminary' in Indigo, by the time I committed and went to purchase the fabric online at Joann's, the sale price of $9.99/yard was no longer. It had doubled in price to $19.99, and as of today, is longer even available for purchase. Hmph.

But I'm still optimistic that my dining room will look super now that I've not only chosen, but purchased (gasp!) 5.5 yards of a completely different fabric. Without further ado, here it is:

Premier Prints 'Chipper' in Twill/Storm ($7.48/yard)
 Ok, so there's no blue in it - I had really wanted something in cobalt or rich navy. Apparently, this pattern also comes in a lovely colour called 'Peacock' (which is perfect), but I couldn't find it for the $7.48/yard price tag that the grey version came with. Woo! Don't you just love the ikat feel to these little lemon-shaped blobs? Because, nothing says "Bon appetit" like blobs.

While I wait for the fabric to come in, I have to finish painting the dining room. The counter guy finally stopped by to re-apply the adhesive to our (defective?) vinyl counter tops, so I now have no excuse.

I can't wait to fill you readers in (hi, Ma!) on the making of the curtain panels. I've already warned my good friend, Kristen, that I need help. Serious help. She has the skills and the machine. I'm bringing the wine. Should be fun, so stay tuned!

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