Monday, 5 March 2012

Warning: Impulse Shopper

Whoops. I'm not going to lie - I find solace in online shopping, especially when I'm feeling a little blue. Scientist husband doesn't know this. Or maybe he does, but doesn't ask questions because he knows better than to mess with this girl when she's not feeling 100%.

Either way, today's Joss & Main sale provided the opportunity to make a quick and easy decision for my current project (the dining room). I have a problem making decisions. The more trivial the matter, the harder it is. So, I've been pathetically agonizing over lighting options until today's J & M rescued me. Most mornings, I eagerly open my daily J & M e-mail and scoff at the inflated prices, while secretly wishing  I had the income to plop a few items into my cart. Then I clicked on today's Poésy Design event and scooped up this adorable light fixture for $34.95:

Vintage-inspired handwriting on the drum shade lends a French shabby chic quality
The thing with most Joss & Main sales is that I find there isn't much information about the wares for sale and the photo descriptions leave a little bit of mystery about construction material/texture. With that in mind, I busted out my measuring tape to make sure this pendant light wasn't some dinky accent fixture and re-read the description to ensure that the lighting hardware was included. And yet, I'm still scratching my head, trying to figure out how it's only $34.95. Until I get my hands on it, I'll just assume we scored one heck of a deal and breathe a sigh of relief that I'm not longer hunting for the elusive dining room light fixture.

With the curtain panel fabric already on its way in the mail, I feel like we're getting darn close to finishing off this room ...

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