Monday, 19 March 2012

Getting Tree Sap Out of Dog Fur

Dogs have a tendency to enjoy nature in a way that I envy. Sometimes, they inadvertently bring nature into the house on their fur. When you've got a dog or two, that comes with the territory. And if your dog has ever gotten tree sap in his fur, you know how frustrating (and ineffective) it can be to try and pluck the sticky bits out.

Tree sap + fur = sticky dog
When I was about 9 years old, I devoured horse-related magazine and books. I was insanely obsessed. Luckily for me, a child's mind is like a sponge and I remembered some of the most helpful details to this day. The good news for you dog owners is that some of those horse beauty tips apply to just about any animal with fur! So, when my hound came in from a romp in the yard this morning, an ancient lightbulb lit up ...

If you have a sticky dog, use butter! Grab a pat of butter in one hand and smear it on the fur that has sap in it. If your dog objects, but butter on the other hand (or a toy) and let him lick away while you work. He might even start to love this treatment. Normally (with horses), you would want to use soap and water to get the greasy butter out of the fur when you're done. But if your dog has short hair, I wouldn't worry too much. Again, he'll just think you left a treat there for later!

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