Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Glass Globe Bird Feeder: A Reader's (Wicked) Version

Remember when I made this bird feeder out of a glass globe? Well, I originally got the idea from a Pinterest pin. I love Pinterest for encouraging people to share ideas and expand their innovative minds. In a recent conversation with a friend (hi, Brit!), we were commenting on how Pinterest has really helped us think differently - that is, more creatively.

As it turns out, Jess also takes great pictures.
A lovely reader emailed me her take on the bird feeder project. Jess used a clear globe instead of the white milk glass and tied the twine around the feeder instead of using silicone. This is probably a more sturdy way to hang the feeder (check out those knots!) and lends it a little more visual interest. Plus, Jess saved herself from smelling the hideousness that is silicone rubber. Loving it - thanks, Jess!

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