Friday, 5 October 2012

Organizing Wrapping Paper

It's no secret that IKEA is full of unique products and ideas to help make your space tidier and more aesthetically pleasing. One of the greatest pleasures about flipping through a new IKEA catalogue for the first time is spying all the new ways they manage to re-use the old products we already know and love.

Between browsing Pinterest and IKEA, I feel like my ability think think creatively has increased tremendously. I'm sure that the allure of Pinterest has a lot to do with this for many people, especially those who like to DIY in their homes.

I was sick of pulling out my gift bag full of wrapping paper and accessories from the bottom of the guest room closet every time I wanted to gussy up a gift. So I decided to us a few of IKEA RATIONELL VARIERA plastic bag holders to help me out. Because of the holes, I can store ribbon spools in the bottom and unroll as needed. I've already been using these holders for their intended use (thank god for that!), so why not just keep on going?

In the famous words of my mother: "(gasp!) Do you know what you can do with this!?". Sorry, Ma. Shopping with her can be a serious investment of time, but I totally appreciate her creativity. It's people like her who gives us those "duh" moments when we find amazing and easy solutions.

Edit: I just became aware that the inside of this closest is, indeed, pink. Another project for another time ...

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