Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmassy Front Step

It's coming. The holiday season.

And we're doing things differently this year. I'm pretty sure that Scientist Husband is getting the year off from having to put up Christmas lights on the eaves. He hates doing it and I just won't. We both have a fear of heights (well, ladders, really), so I decided to jazz up the front step instead.

Usually, I have pine garlands and rope lights twisted around the railings, but I got to thinking about these tomato cage porch trees you see all over the Internet (you and I both know that I really mean Pinterest). And, guess what? I don't grow tomatoes, but the past owners of this house sure did leave a tomato cage behind! After jamming the cage into a plastic urn planter, I used my old garlands and rope lights and got to work. I also found an old gold coloured sheer curtain as a garland and topped the tree off with an paper star lantern that I was about to trash.

As I was about to post the picture of my front door, I realized that I completely forgot to post a before & after sequence of my front door colour change from this summer. Ha! You'll just have to imagine that it was a dark taupe before and now it's dark purple. It sounds classier if you call it "deep aubergine", so let's do that instead.

For $0 and 20 minutes of work, I'm pretty satisfied with the front step. You're welcome, husband.

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khoffman said...

*gasp!* you were going to trash that star lantern! I want it back after Christmas! lol.