Monday, 14 January 2013

Ralph Lauren Nastiness

Ever wonder what the inside of a used paint can looks like after a few years of dormancy?

I patched and sanded some holes in the foyer over the weekend (after a 3M hook disaster) and needed this paint for touch-ups. It was part glob, part rusty soup, and oddly bubbly. Did I go ahead and use it anyway? You bet, I did! I dabbed my brush into that glob and a bit of that gross liquid, for good measure. Not exactly the same colour, but better than glaring white patches.

I love the old colour on the walls. It's "Cobblestone" from Ralph Lauren; a rich taupe with grey undertones. The past owners graciously left all their paint cans in the basement when they moved out. The past lady of the house clearly had great taste! Since Home Depot no longer seems to carry Ralph's paint collection, I suppose I'll have to colour match some Behr for future touch-ups.

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