Thursday, 10 January 2013

Speaking of Gifts ...

I sure did receive a new mug that replaces my previous "favourite" spot in the cupboard. Kristen (who made an appearance in my first post and our topiary DIY project) was sweet enough to design her own herringbone mug in white and red and I absolutely love it. She used a small brush and paint and got to work making her angled lines on a neat white mug from President's Choice. Seriously, who can resist "the centre aisle" at Independent grocery stores? Not me. And, apparently, not Kristen. There are way too many kitchen/home gems to pass up, especially when they're on sale!

The best part about this mug gift is that the lines are imperfect - each stroke is slightly different and it just makes it that much more interesting! I can totally picture Kristen, hard at work, dabbing her paint brush to create the design. It's visually appealing and I love it. Love. It.

The first week after I received it, I swear I drank every single drink out of this mug. Behold its beauty and simplicity:

Hands off, it's mine! *curls up on the couch with delicious coffee*

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