Thursday, 7 February 2013

Diaper Clutch from Scratch

There are about a bazillion tutorials for diaper clutches floating around the Internet. I originally tried this one by Jennifer Kramer, but it didn't turn out so well. After modifying the instructions and the pattern size, I made a clutch that fit my things - and my style - perfectly.

Before I post the tutorial, I want to reiterate that I am an absolute beginner in the world of sewing. My machine jams a lot, I swear from time to time, my lines are wonky, and I frequently end up with stiff shoulders from being super tense. Sounds fun, no? :) My point is, beginners should start simple as to not get frustrated. But there is also a lot of room for personalization and size tweaking for most patterns and tutorials. Just experiment. You win some, you lose some.

The obviously awesome part about making small and simple projects is that you can use up fabric scraps. This particular fabric was first used a few years ago when I overhauled a thrift store side chair (no post about that - it was pre-blog). The second, dark blue fabric is a denim remnant from when I hemmed my jeans. Don't throw out scraps - ever. Ha!

Right. So, here's what you need if you want to make one yourself:
  1. Main fabric 12 x 10" 
  2. Contrasting (or the same, which is what I used) fabric 11 x 3"
  3. Main fabric 10 x 5.5"
  4. Main fabric 10 x 5.5" *This will be amended later on in the instructions. But, it's optional.
  5. Choice of fastener. I used Velcro and more denim scraps.
  • Leave only 1/4" seam allowance for all sewing on this project. 
Super "accurately scaled" diagram of pieces needed.
So the easiest way to proceed is to iron/pin the raw edges of certain pieces and sew: all sides of #2, one long size of #3 and #4. If you're choosing to make an opening for the wipes container dispenser (the dotted lines), then cut and hem the raw edges of that opening, too.

Once all your raw edges are sewn, place #2 in the center of the wrong side of #1 (biggest, unaltered piece of fabric). Sew in place.

See where I'm pointing? Your Velcro should be under there.
(You'll be able to see a tiny amount peeking out!)
Flip over #1 so that you are now looking at the right side of the fabric. If are are using a Velcro fastener, now is the time to place it between #1 and #3. Pin #3 and #4 (right side down) in place.You shouldn't be able to see the fastener at this point - it will be hidden under #3!  Sew along all four edges. I ran a few lines back and worth across the fastener edge to make sure it would stay put.

Turn your project right side out. Fold over the top and bottom (raw) edges of the center and sew. At this point, you'll want to insert your wipes container and diapers. Close your clutch and figure out where you'll want the other piece of Velcro fastener; it should end up just about where your wipes container opening is. Sew your Velcro in place and you're done!



Jennifer Rae said...

I'm so glad that you were able to tweak the process to make it work for you. Thanks for referencing my blog! Jennifer

MamaJ said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank YOU for the original tutorial. I can't believe that I've been toting loose diapers around in my purse for almost three years!