Thursday, 7 February 2013

More Free, Personalized Art

I love my dog. She's the bomb. I love most things Greyhound, especially art. Aaaand, I really dig silhouettes. My dining room is no stranger to some homemade silhouettes of other things (namely, my son's head and a pig's head), so I figured that my dog should have one as well.

Silhouettes hanging out in the dining room.

Somewhere on the Internet, I discovered that Farrow & Ball sends out free samples (up to three samples, anyway) of their wallpapers. Naturally, I couldn't pass that up, so I ordered a few. They're awesome and I thought they'd come in handy for something crafty. Today, the opportunity presented itself!

Greyhound silhouette art - cheap, easy, and supa cute.

It's as easy as cutting out a Googled shape and gluing it to a background piece of paper. By using a frame we already had, this piece cost absolutely nada. I like free. You?

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