Monday, 15 April 2013

Evicting The Slipper Chair

Ah, here it is: one of two chunky microfiber slipper chairs that I have. This one sits in my living room ...

Doesn't everyone have a saddle in their living room?

Here's the scoop. These chairs were originally purchased by my mother at a grocery store. No lie. When I moved to my own place, they came with me. Then they moved again to my current house. They were under $100 each and I have to say they've held up ridiculously well. They've outlived the cat that clawed the corner of of them (RIP, Spiffy). They've been spat up on, completely dogged, and jumped on.

Yes, they've served us well. And they will continue to do so in the basement rec room. Seriously though, I'm sick of seeing this chair in my living room. Since it doesn't have arms, it isn't well suited to lounging for a good period of time. Plus, it's just chunky - a giant cube of microfiber. And it's microfiber. I can't tell you enough how much I loathe microfiber.

I've been dreaming of replacing our black leather couch (from scientist husband's bachelor pad) with a gorgeous (and expensive) distressed brown leather couch. But yeah, that's not in the budget. However, I think I could settle for a distressed brown leather chair instead. Why all the leather? It's amazingly easy to clean and care for and dog hair brushes right off with the swipe of a hand. It has its pitfalls, though: it's cold in the winter and sticky in the summer. But the advantages outweigh the whomp whomps for us.

Here are a few choices that appeal to me:

Eames chair. Practical, comfortable and the leather looks divine. From
Loving the nail head detail. From my

The chrome adds a little modernity. I can't believe I lost the source to this one. Bummer.

Ok. Here a little secret: I'm in love with the BBC show 'Sherlock' and every time the character lounges in his worn in Corbusier chair, I swoon ...

... but, I'm not sure I like how they look brand spanking new.

I'm digging the clean lines of this chair. It feels nice and vintage, without any hipster activity. The 'Sorensen' can be found at

Ack, the choices. It will mostly come down to a price and quality balance when the time comes. But one thing is for sure: the slipper chair must go ...

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