Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bookmark Corners - Made From Envelopes

Pinterest has pretty much changed the way I look at things. I can't give all credit to a mere website, since it is really a massive collection of creative ideas from thousands of real people and amazing sources.

Disappointed with my recent library book choices a few weeks ago, I scoured my bookcases at home and found a heavy volume of Sherlock Holmes mysteries. I can't believe I've never actually read any of Arthur Conan Doyle's famous stories until now! Since this collection is big and heavy, I really felt the need to have a good bookmark that wasn't a) my library receipt, or b) the 'Cat in the Hat' bookmark that I borrowed from my toddler.

So, inspired by a Pin (yeah, I capitalized that), I made a cute corner bookmark with an envelope and some flocked stock paper. Just cut a corner off an envelope and glue some fancy shmancy paper on it. You can finish the edges in a ton of different ways - I've seen some really neat cutout designs online. I followed the edges of my chosen paper's design. It's pretty and the flocking is soft, so my OCD will be satisfied.

I'm thinking that these handmade bookmarks would make a cute and quick project for kids to make for friends - they can make them as fancy or simple as they want. It would also add a nice touch to a gifted book; a personalized surprise hidden in the pages (I can't be the only one who loves finding surprises in books)!

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