Friday, 16 November 2012

Felt Slipper Project

How freaking cute are felt slippers? They just are. Like little elfin shoes.

Felt is super easy to work with, too. And cheap. For a toddler, you can use two sheets of felt, which can cost as little as $.40! When I saw Martha Stewart's tutorial for making a pair of slippers, I (sarcastically) thought, "Great. Let me get comfortable and pour a glass of wine - this could be arduous". But then, it wasn't! In fact, it was a quick and easy project. I winged it without actually printing the template and changed a few things: I sewed a strip of elastic inside the back of the heel for a better fit and drew puff fabric paint snowflakes on the soles for traction. Hey, just because I can sew a slipper does not mean I can draw a snowflake properly.

My normally barefoot little dude fought the slippers at first, but he now calls them his "elf shoes" and will at least pad around in them for my benefit.

You can read the full tutorial on HERE.

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Chris Hennessey said...

cute, can i order 4 pairs please?